SIG Grant Totals by State

The U.S. Department of Education has approved School Improvement Grant applications (click on state name to see the application) for several states and has announced the amount of grant money those states will receive. The states that currently have approved SIG applications include:

Alabama: $58 million

Alaska: $10.7 million

Arizona: $70 million
* Click here for an overview of SIG funds in Arizona

Arkansas: $40 million

California: $416 million

Colorado: $40 million

Connecticut: $25.7 million

Delaware: $10.5 million

District of Columbia: $12 million

Florida: $170.2 million

Georgia: $122 million

Idaho: $12.6 million

Illinois: $146.6 million

Indiana: $61 million

Iowa: $18 million

Kansas: $27 million

Kentucky: $56 million

Louisiana: $67.6 million

Maine: $13 million

Maryland: $47 million

Massachusetts: $58.6 milion

Michigan: $136 million

Minnesota: $34 million

Mississippi: $47 million

Missouri: $54 million

Montana: $11.5 million

Nebraska: $17.4 million

Nevada: $23.4 million

New Hampshire: $10 million

New Jersey: $66 million

New Mexico: $28 million

New York: $308 million

North Carolina: $91 million

North Dakota: $9 million

Ohio: $132 million

Oklahoma: $39 million

Oregon: $34.4 million

Pennsylvania: $141 million

Rhode Island: $12.5 million

South Carolina: $50.8 million

South Dakota: $11.3 million

Texas: $338 million

Utah: $17.4 million

Vermont: $8.5 million

Virginia: $59.8 million

Washington: $50 million

West Virginia: $21.9 million

Wisconsin: $51 million

Wyoming: $8.6 million

Check this page often, as state updates will be posted as they become available.

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