FAQs About SIG

The U.S. Department of Education has a useful Frequently Asked Questions guide for the School Improvement Fund. Click the link below to see the guide and learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions – School Improvement Fund

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5 responses to “FAQs About SIG”

  1. In Alabama, ‘A Good Attitude is Infectious’ : Priority Schools Campaign February 2, 201211:16 am

    [...] schools in Montgomery, Alabama, that all had one thing in common: All of the schools had received School Improvement Grants (SIG), which means they were identified as needing improvement, corrective action, or restructuring, as [...]
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  2. House To Scrutinize School Turnaround Specialists : Priority Schools Campaign February 2, 201211:47 am

    [...] companies have practically sprung up overnight, as they try to get a share of billions in federal School Improvement Grants being awarded to some of America’s lowest-performing [...]
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  3. Disappointment, Confusion as Schools Miss Out on SIG Funds : Priority Schools Campaign February 2, 201211:49 am

    [...] SIG process rolls forward, the schools on the losing end are unsure how to proceed. As part of the SIG application process, priority schools from throughout the country crafted plans to institute reforms such as firing [...]
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  4. What’s Happening with SIG in Des Moines : Priority Schools Campaign February 2, 201211:54 am

    [...] Spencer explained how the legislature in Iowa mandated that superintendents and the administration bargain with the local associations and work collaboratively to choose the best reform model. The union assured the district they wanted to be partners in the process, and from there the superintendent and association president visited each identified school to explain what SIG is and to answer questions about the process. [...]
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  5. PSC helps Augusta High Schools End Year on “Edu-taining” Note : Priority Schools Campaign June 6, 20121:23 pm

    [...] expenses, services like those PSC will provide in Augusta come at no charge—allowing the federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) funding schools like Laney, Josey, and Glenn Hills receive, to go [...]
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