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NEA Leaders Focus Media Attention on Priority Schools

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Fall marks the start of Year Two of PSC providing intensive support to 34 schools across 16 states. To engage educators early in the school year, NEA executed a back-to-school tour showcasing NEA members helping students succeed despite the negative effects of budget cuts and harmful education policies.

President Dennis Van Roekel and Secretary-Treasurer Becky Pringle crisscrossed the nation, meeting with teachers and support professionals committed to a great public school for every student.

The tour allowed the veteran educators to get a personal view of the work of members, who continue to collaborate with their colleagues, school districts, families and community leaders on student-centered reforms and student success. Some tour highlights:

Monday, September 12 (Dayton, OH) – Three years ago, Belmont High School was known as “Hellmont.” Fights and other crime was a near daily occurrence. The school was a revolving door for teachers.  A focus on creating a safe environment has led to an 87 percent decrease in behavioral incidents and record numbers of students taking the ACT.
Photos here.
Media highlights:
Dayton Daily News

Monday, September 12 (Evansville, IN) – Collaboration was the focus of Pringle’s visit to the home of the groundbreaking Equity Schools, which aim to transform schools through professional development for teachers and extended learning time for students.  She visited Evans School and was on hand for  “Breakfast in the Classroom,” a partnership between local leaders, educators, parents and PSC that makes sure students get their school days started with a nutritious meal.  Photos here.
Media highlights:
American Urban Radio Networks

Tuesday, September 13 (Romulus, MI) – Romulus Community Schools faced a tough local election to renew funding, an endeavor that previously failed twice. School leaders and community members joined forces with NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign and on the third try, voters passed the millage. The win ensured continued collaborative reform at Romulus Middle School. Photos here.
Media highlights:
WWJ #1 News Radio

Tuesday, September 13 (Seattle) – West Seattle Elementary School used its first year of School Improvement Grant (SIG) funding to increase wraparound services, especially necessary for its high-needs student population. Health care, counselors—even embedding a local chapter of the YMCA inside the school—have helped educators attend to the needs of the whole child. Pringle also learned about the school’s High Point Scholars program where students can participate in project-based learning, service-learning projects, community development work, outdoor education, peer mentoring, small group instruction, and weekly field trips. Photos here.
Media highlights:
Education leaders video

Wednesday, September 14 (Orlando) – NEA members know that community collaboration works. They also know that effective partnerships and critical resources must be in place to support students. School leaders gathered to discuss best practices of collaborative efforts that give teachers the tools and resources to help every student succeed.
Media highlights:
Orlando Sentinel

Wednesday, September 14 (Clark County, NV) – Educating the whole child involves everyone in the school building, including bus drivers, nurses and cafeteria workers. When teachers work side-by-side with school support staff, students don’t fall through the cracks. This visit focused on the important role education support staff plays in helping to ensure the success of every student. Photos here.
Media highlights:
Becky Pringle on FOX5 TX in Vegas: “We are very excited about our Priority Schools Campaign”

Thursday, September 15 (Miami) – Students are being deprived of essential learning opportunities and families already experiencing financial stress are having to choose between spending on necessities or investing in their children’s future. NEA, in conjunction with the Florida Education Association and the Miami Education Association, continues to sound the alarm about the widespread effects of budget cuts. Photos here.
Media highlights:
Miami Herald

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