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International Shout-Out for Priority Schools Campaign

A nice piece on PSC in the September edition of Worlds of Education, the magazine of Education International, based in Brussels. EI is a global union federation, including NEA, of 348 member organizations in 169 countries. One of the largest labor organizations in the world, EI advocates for quality public education for all, defends international human rights standards with a focus on labor rights, and helps generate understanding and action regarding the lives and working conditions of more than 30 million teachers and other education employees around the world. The piece was written by Tim Walker, a staffer with NEA Interactive Media, who has covered international affairs extensively for NEA, including reporting on the ground in Morocco covering educator efforts to rescue students from child labor situations.


NEA leads on tackling low-performing schools

By Tim Walker

The National Education Association (NEA) in the USA believes that public education should help all students reach their full potential. However, persistent problems  much as academic achievement gaps and high truancy and drop-out rates continue to  effect far too many students, especially those from lower-income backgrounds or  minority communities.

To meet this challenge, the education union launched a  priority  schools Campaign, a multi-year multi-million dollar commitment to permanently transform and improve America’s lowest-performing schools. Through the Priority Schools Campaign, NEA has united educators, administrators, parents, community members and policymakers in a collaborative effort to improve academic achievement in struggling schools.

The Priority Schools Campaign held its first national conference in March 2010, where it brought together teachers and  education union activists from some of the nation’s lowest-performing schools to  discuss how to work together to ensure all students could have access to a quality public education.

NEA President, Dennis Van Roekel, said: “If we work together, we can open opportunities for tens of thousands of students – day by day, one building at a time, and one student at a time.”

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