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The Power of Family-School-Community Partnerships

The Power of Family School Community Partnerships: A Training Resource Manual (276 pgs, 13.1MB, PDF) provides a wealth of activities, practical strategies, and research to help education stakeholders create a context for working together. The ideal audience for this training is a collection of school teams comprised of educators, family members, building leaders, and community members who believe they can make a difference in their schools. Having all the players represented creates a foundation for future collaborative action.

Drawing upon decades of research, the Manual provides simple, but provocative, strategies for uncovering what gets in the way of partnering and outlines clear paths for creating partnerships that support student and school success. The Power of Knowledge, Communication, Partnerships, Culture, Families and Communities in Academics, and Capitalizing on Resources are all roads which lead to effective collaboration, communication, and mutual respect—all essential elements for sustaining a web of support around priority schools and all schools. (Read about how one state used a selection of resources from the Manual in a unique training experience at IslandWood, a Bainbridge Island-based educational charity in Washington.)

The Training Resource Manual (in .pdf) contains brief presentations, training activities, strategies, and background readings on each of these topics. Presentation files (.ppt) are also provided which are aligned with each of the chapters. A sample agenda for a 2 hour training module with selected activities, strategies, and visuals is also included. For optimal viewing of PDF files, please use Firefox or Internet Explorer. To save the files on your local drive, right-mouse click on the link and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As.”

Download PowerPoint presentations (requires MS PowerPoint 2003 or later):

Do you have limited time for a Family-School-Community Partnership training? Please choose from this selection of activities, strategies and visuals to support a 2-3 hour training experience to introduce participants to the possibilities of partnering.


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  1. Scoring Teachers: Perversion by Policymakers March 3, 20128:42 pm

    [...] initiative to help struggling schools.  The heart of the Priority School Campaign is the notion of family-school-community partnerships. According to Ellen Holmes, who was interviewed on Anthony Cody’s blog today, these schools [...]
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  2. 10 Ways to Build Better Partnerships : Priority Schools Campaign August 8, 20125:15 pm

    [...] For more information on establishing family-school-community partnerships, check out NEA’s training resource manual. [...]
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