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Don’t Be Timid About Twitter

At NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign, Twitter is used to track and link to news reports and key commentary on school improvement. And live Tweets are often posted from events.

If you aren’t among the more than 500 people and organizations following the campaign on Twitter, ( here’s what you missed – just in the first half of June:

(By the way, Twitter is simple – sign up for an account, follow us on a computer and/or phone, and only send messages yourself if/when you feel like it. Ask us to help set you up by emailing

1.  “Resist…narratives,” of unions v. reform says Duncan. “dozens of examples of breathtaking union leadership.” EdWeek about 6 hours ago via web

2.  UT: Work slated for schools under SIG funding. Transformation model chosen because “it has a lot to do with learning.” about 22 hours ago via web

3.  MI: No word from ED yet, but state announces federal approval of $119 million in SIG funding. Local apps due 8/16. about 24 hours ago via web

4.  MI: Ypsilanti High School facing major changes as district seeks SIG; choices outlined, readers polled: via @addthis9:32 AM Jun 14th via web

5.  MN: School board unanimously chooses Transformation model, in the hunt for new leadership for the high school. 8:37 AM Jun 11th via web

6.  NEA and affiliates team to highlight critical role of parents – Creating a Bridge Between Home and School via @AddToAny8:30 AM Jun 11th via AddToAny

7.  WV – McREL chosen as vendor to provide “comprehensive educational services to the state’s low-performing schools.” 8:26 AM Jun 11th via web

8.  CA: In limbo, waiting on Feds for SIG; “Teachers and district staff worked very hard in this unreasonable timeline.” 7:50 AM Jun 8th via web

9.  GA: Unanswered questions, unknown obligations, unwanted firings; Albany board declines fed SIG funding. 8:39 AM Jun 7th via web

10. bullybust A reminder of what it’s like for some kids at school. #bullying via @susanraisch8:15 AM Jun 3rd via HootSuite Retweeted by you

11. NC: Priority plan; “experienced, enthusiastic, determined teachers” in smaller classes, w/ training, technology. 8:16 AM Jun 2nd via web

12. KY: Six middle and high schools in Louisville will see as much as 60 percent of faculty replaced by this fall – AP: 8:05 AM Jun 2nd via web

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